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Baby-Friendly Detergents: How Important are They?

Photo by Public Domain Pictures from Pexels Parents, both new and veteran alike, see the arrival of a baby as one of the most beautiful yet also challenging times in their lives. The demands are stressful and numerous yet when completed, fulfilling. Taking the utmost precaution in every step of the way, especially in cleaning is the only […]

College Life Hacks 101: Living On Your Own (and Doing Laundry)

It’s been tough, but now you’re finally there. Your dreams of having your place where your word is the law, and everything is at your pace is finally getting realized. Sure, moving out of your parents’ house was tough (no more of your mom’s mi goreng until the term holidays!), but at last, you’re free! […]

Can curtain dust cause allergy in children?

The simple answer is YES. Curtain traps dust and dust mites on unwashed curtains are very common cause for allergies. The symptoms of dust allergy include: Itchy eyes Running nose Rashes on skin Coughing, sneezing and wheezing Children in Singapore are vulnerable to allergies More children in Singapore are developing allergic rhinitis. According to Straits […]