Singapore Dry Clean

How to Clean Vintage Lace

Photo by Disha Sheta from Pexels As lockdowns all over the world continue in varying degrees, many people take it as an opportunity to dig through mountains of old family heirlooms. Many find different kinds of surprises, but perhaps one of the most common is vintage lace. But there is always that one thing that gets attached to […]

Caring and Cleaning for Your Beret a la Française

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels Ooh, la la! Berets are emblematic of French haute couture. It means class and elegance, something that it adds to any clothing ensemble. From military personnel to local fashion influencers, berets never get old. But while they are such a vital accessory, they can be quite a struggle to clean and maintain. While […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Dry Cleaning

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash Dry cleaning. Some love it; others fear it. It is perceived to be complicated, thus intimidating people who want to try it. But dry cleaning is more than meets the eye. To understand it, we must first go back to its roots and determine what materials to use should you decide to […]

How to Give TLC to Your Silk Clothes in Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant city. It is full of excellent restaurants, has a fantastic nightlife, and of course, notable for its cosmopolitan populace. It is no surprise that Singaporeans dress to the nines, whether they are out on a date or off to party with friends. During such special occasions, we tend to bust out […]

Laundry Lifehacks Singapore: Common Stains and How to Deal?

It is Friday night, you invited a bunch of friends to your house. After a sumptuous meal, you brought out the expensive wine you have reserved for such occasions. Hip music is playing and people are laughing. BAM! Your favourite wine is now on your favourite Italian-made cream-colour sofa. You bite your lips and try […]

4 Things Expats Should Know When Renting in Singapore

It is exciting to be an expats in Singapore. Starting a life in Singapore, a relatively safe and clean country, is the start of a new chapter for many people. However, finding an ideal home to stay is often a huge headache. Even though crime rate is low, we still hear horror stories about horrible […]

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