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Is Professional Laundry Service Worth It? A Cost Comparison for Singaporeans

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for household chores can be a real challenge, especially for busy professionals in Singapore. Between demanding work schedules, social commitments, and personal errands, laundry often falls to the bottom of the priority list. This begs the question: is investing in a professional laundry service worth the cost? In this […]

在新加坡找窗帘干洗服务?来这里!最新价格比较 ~收费,拆装,周转时间和低消 (2024最新)

我们比较了新加坡主要窗帘干洗商的干洗费用,排除了那些没有明确报价的(小声bb:价格不透明的最好不要选)。开始之前,请看以下几点,帮您理解下定价机制: 我们的专业建议是,选择: ✅ 简单易懂的收费方式 ✅ 好评多的服务 ✅ 周转时间适中,比如5天 ✅ 低消适中的服务,比如 $50 窗帘清洗服务价格对比 窗帘干洗服务(不包含拆装) 服务商 价格(仅干洗,不含拆装) Eazihome Laundry(4.9 星) 所有窗帘统一价格:$9/kg可立即在线预约 Big-mama(4.9 星) 日间窗帘(薄型): $10.5/件XL 日间窗帘(薄型): $17.5/件夜间窗帘(厚型): $10.5/kg遮光窗帘(阻挡阳光): $12.5/kg高天花板窗帘: NA DuoNini(4.9 星) 不提供仅干洗服务 Piing!(3.7 星) 日间窗帘(薄型): S$8.5/件夜间窗帘(厚型): S$8.5/kg遮光窗帘(阻挡阳光): S$8.5/kg Presto(3.6 星) 所有窗帘统一价格: $14.3/kg Reward Laundry(4.4 星) 日间窗帘(薄型): from S$16/件夜间窗帘(厚型): S$9/kg遮光窗帘(阻挡阳光): S$11/kg 窗帘干洗服务(含拆装) 服务商 价格(干洗+拆装) Eazihome Laundry(4.9 星) […]

Why Should You Join a Laundry Franchise?

There are several reasons why people may choose to join a laundry franchise: It’s important to note that joining a franchise is not for everyone, and it’s important to do your due diligence and research before making a decision. It’s important to consider your own skills, interests, and financial resources and ensure that they align […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Dry Cleaning

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash Dry cleaning. Some love it; others fear it. It is perceived to be complicated, thus intimidating people who want to try it. But dry cleaning is more than meets the eye. To understand it, we must first go back to its roots and determine what materials to use should you decide to […]