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Eazihome Services & Prices

Dry Cleaning & Laundry & Ironing Prices

Item 物品Ironing Only 仅烫Laundry & Iron 水洗Dry Clean & Iron 干洗
Shirt 衬衫356
T-shirt T恤衫345
Suit – Top / Blazer 正装外套510
Suit Set (2pc) 2件套正装816
Suit Set (3pc) 3件套正装918
Vest 背心37
Cardigan 毛线外套589
Jacket 普通外套51010
Blouse 女装上衣356
Silk/Linen Blouse 丝质女装上衣467
Jumpsuit 女士连体衣61011
Tie 领带345
Gloves/Cap/Hat 手套/帽子467
Shawl/Scarf/Veil 围巾/头纱等From 4From 7From 8
Socks (1 Pair) 袜子一双22
Trousers/Slacks/Jeans 裤子356
Silk Pants 丝质裤子467
Shorts / Bermudas 短裤/中裤345
Skirt 短裙356
Silk Skirt 真丝短裙467
Leather Skirt 皮裙35
Dress/Long Skirt 长裙5910
Silk Dress 真丝长裙61011
Evening Gown (Plain) 晚礼服132626
Evening Gown
(extra long, sequined, etc) 晚礼服
Wedding Gown 婚纱100 – 130100 – 130
Cheong Sam (Plain) 旗袍91818
Cheong Sam (Sequined) 旗袍镶钻204545
Baju Kurong/Kebaya (2pc) 马来服 (2件套)91818
Saree (2pc) 印度服 (2件套)91818
Saree Blouse 印度服上衣477
Saree Dress 印度服裙/裤51111
Kurta Dress 印度上装132626
Kurta Pants 印度裤366
Punjabi Set (2pc) 印度服 (2件套)91818
Sarong 腰布61212
Dhoti 印度腰布61212
Kimono 日本和服From 10From 20From 20
Animal Costume 动物套装From 10From 20From 20
Army Uniform (2pc) 军装(2件套)91818
Army Uniform Top 军装上衣51212
Graduation Gown 毕业礼服91818
Mortarboard 毕业帽66
Chasubles 牧师服12
Stoles (shawl) 牧师披肩8
Sweater 毛衣5810
Sweater (Long) 毛衣(长)71215
Windbreaker (S/M/L) 冲锋衣610/12/1412/14/16
Winter Vest (S/M/L) 冬衣背心1016/18/2018/20/22
Overcoat 大衣101820
Winter Coat (S/Kids) 冬衣 (小)101820
Winter Coat (M) 冬衣 (中)112022
Winter Coat (L, knee-length) 冬衣 (大)122224
Winter Coat (2in1) 冬衣 (2in1)244448
Winter Glove / Cap / Hat / Face Cover 手套 / 帽子/脸罩(皮,毛)5810
Neck Warmer/Scarf 围脖5810
Ski Suit/Jumpsuit 滑雪服24
Ear Muff 护耳10
Winter Sock (1 Pair) 冬袜810
Leather/Suede Jacket 真皮衣55
PU Leather Jacket PU皮衣35
Pillowcase/Bolstercase 枕套223
Bedsheet (S/Q/K) 床单66/8/108/10/12
Quiltcover (S/Q/K) 被套810/12/1412/14/16
Comforter/Quilt/Bedcover (S/Q/K) 棉被14/16/1816/18/20
Down Feather Thick Duvet / Comforter 羽绒棉被(特厚)3545
Blanket (S/Q/K) 被巾10/12/1412/14/16
Bedprotector (Thin)(S/Q/K) 床垫保护套 (薄)13/15/1715/17/19
Mattress Topper (S/Q/K) 床垫 (厚)60/80/90
Cushion 椅垫68
Cushion Cover (S/M/L) 椅垫套56/8/108/10/12
Sofa Cover 1 pc
(1/2/3/4+ seats) 整体沙发套
All Curtain w/o Removal & Installation (kg) 窗帘(无拆装)9/kg9/kg
All Curtain with Removal & Installation (kg) 窗帘(包拆装)13/kg13/kg
Floor Mat 地布From 7From 7
Carpet (sqft) 地毯3.5/sqft
Tablecloth 桌布999
Bath Towel 毛巾444
Bathrobe 浴衣1111
Small Towel 小毛巾233
Mortarboard 毕业帽66
Pillow / Bolster 枕头 / 抱枕1618
Soft toy (S/M/L) 毛绒玩具8/10/16+10/12/18+
Sleeping Bag 睡袋1616
Backpack 背包2525
Tote Bag 手提包88
Waist Bag 腰包88
Handbag 手提袋1515
Piano Cover 钢琴罩2525
Waist Belt 腰带55
Sneakers (1 Pair) 帆布鞋25
Leather Shoes (1 Pair) 皮鞋30
Boots/Winter Shoes (1 Pair) 登山鞋40/50
Kids Shoes 童鞋15
Luxury Brand Care 奢侈品护理20% of Declared Value
Load Wash & Fold 整包机洗&折$5/kg (min. 8kg)
24HR Express 24小时加速Total bill X 3
3 – Day Express 3天加速Total bill X 2
Collection & Delivery 上门收送Free for total bill above $50
$15/trip if bill < $50

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Laundry & Dry Cleaning Price FAQ

1. Does dry cleaning or laundry service include ironing?

Yes, both dry cleaning and laundry prices include ironing. Items will be ironed and hung/folded when we return them to you.

2. Can I get an exact quote?

Yes, you can contact us via WhatsApp if you are not sure about the cost. The final price does not differ from our price list. Rest assured, if there is any dispute, we will match your price, and no-questions-asked.

3. If I opt for laundry pick-up and delivery service, will the price be higher?

No. Our price is the same across all our outlets and online services. We do require a minimal $50 order value for online collection and delivery orders.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayNow and Cash.