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How much to dry clean your curtains in Singapore?

Curtains are one of those household items that are difficult wash at home. It takes too much effort and they are too expensive for something to go wrong. Luckily for us, there are many laundry shops offer curtain dry clean services in Singapore. Many online laundry business offers collection and delivery service. It saves our loads of effort to get curtains dry cleaned.

For those who are price conscious, it might not be easy to estimate how much each company charges you. And prices are often more than just the price for dry clean, it comprises delivery, and removal & installation price.

We did a little research to help you estimate the cost to dry clean curtains in Singapore. We Googled “Singapore curtain wash” and compared the prices for the services in the top results offering similar services. Here is how it look like.

Curtain Dry Clean Price for 3 Room Flat (3 sets)

Piing Budget Dry Clean Cotton Care Eazihome Laundry
Curtain Dry Clean $312 $350 $192 $240
Removal & Installation $0 $0 $265 $0
Delivery Charge $0 $0 $0 $0
Total Charge $312 $304 $456 $255

We estimated the total price based on the average Singapore household size – 3 room HDB flat.

Key assumptions are:

  • Night curtain is 3kg per piece
  • Day curtain is 1kg per piece
  • Removal & Installation service is required

For 3 room flat, orders are significant enough for business to waive delivery charge.

Curtain Dry Clean Price for Common Household

Piing Budget Dry Clean Cotton Care Eazihome Laundry
1 Room Studio (1 set) $104 $110 $152 $95
2 Room Flat (2 sets) $208 $230 $304 $175
3 Room Flat (3 sets) $312 $350 $456 $255
4 Room Flat (4 sets) $416 $470 $608 $335
5 Room Flat (5 sets) $520 $590 $760 $415

Eazihome Laundry Curtain Cleaning Service:

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Free Laundry Delivery Service

  • Free Delivery & Collection for orders above $80
  • Turn around time is 7 – 9 days inclusive weekends.

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Disclaimer: These prices are taken from respective website on 27/04/2018. Prices are subject to changes made by respective website. All prices are indicative and is an estimation, we do not guarantee the final price nor update the prices.

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