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Graduation Gown Cleaning Guide for Singaporean

For many students in Singapore, graduation is just right around the corner. This means that they have finally completed another milestone in their life and are now ready to take on their chosen career paths. Before that happens though, the graduation day must happen first. Of course, everything must be perfect for that big day. The focus of this is of course the graduation gown. Yes, it may be identical to that of hundreds of others in the ceremony. However, how you take care of it and how you wear it with confidence as you march across the stage will make all the difference. Here are some laundry tips on how you can make your gown stand out as you get that diploma.

1. Check the Label

Most graduation gowns have labels on them. They can be found either at the neck or at the seam on one of the sides of the gown. If it doesn’t, then skip this step. Do check on it to determine what kind of material is it made of, and what kind of procedures you can do to it. Is it safe for machine wash or just for handwash only? Can you iron it or not? What is the ideal temperature in doing all this? Knowing what you can and can’t do ensures that you will still be able to ensure that your gown remains in tiptop shape.

2. Hang Up the Gown

After checking the label and planning out what kind of stuff you’re going to do with it, hang up the gown with a hanger. Wrinkles on graduation gowns can get pretty difficult to take off, so its best to hang it wherever it can flow freely without anything obstructing the fabric.

3. Hand Washing? Dry Cleaning? Or Not at All?

Graduation gowns are usually worn over dresses or long-sleeved shirts. This means there isn’t any absolute need for you to wash it like you would with your regular clothes. If you really want to wash them, then do so like you would with delicate materials such as silk. Remember not to wring it, as wringing will result into wrinkles. Also use detergents that are appropriate for the fabric so the colors won’t fade come graduation day (or worse, the fabric itself will get worn out). Better yet, to preserve the integrity of the fabric, simply opt for dry cleaning.

4. Ironing is Crucial, But Do So Carefully

Keeping the gown flawless is important, and although the hanging method helps, it doesn’t guarantee things. Ironing your graduation gown is therefore essential. It is recommended that you use the steam-type irons. If you only have the regular ones though, keep heat at the minimum and turn the gown inside out when pressing. Remember to do this preferably on the day before the graduation ceremony. This way, your graduation gown will still be picture perfect without you having to panic on the big day itself.

5. Don’t Have Equipment or Unsure What to Do? Call the Experts!

As said, graduation gowns are pretty delicate. The materials that are also used in the making of these garments can also vary. Some are made with polyester. Some are made of satin. Others are made with velvet and are therefore even more delicate than usual. Unless you’re someone with a background in laundering or has the right equipment and knows how to use them, it is better to consult laundry services whose expertise you can trust in making sure that your graduation gown will still be in its best shape.

Graduation Gown Dry Cleaning Price

Congratulations, graduate! Wear that gown loud and proud!

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