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Graduation Gown Cleaning Guide for Singaporean

For many students in Singapore, graduation is just right around the corner. This means that they have finally completed another milestone in their life and are now ready to take on their chosen career paths. Before that happens though, the graduation day must happen first. Of course, everything must be perfect for that big day. […]

Laundry Lifehacks Singapore: Common Stains and How to Deal?

It is Friday night, you invited a bunch of friends to your house. After a sumptuous meal, you brought out the expensive wine you have reserved for such occasions. Hip music is playing and people are laughing. BAM! Your favourite wine is now on your favourite Italian-made cream-colour sofa. You bite your lips and try […]

4 Things Expats Should Know When Renting in Singapore

It is exciting to be an expats in Singapore. Starting a life in Singapore, a relatively safe and clean country, is the start of a new chapter for many people. However, finding an ideal home to stay is often a huge headache. Even though crime rate is low, we still hear horror stories about horrible […]

Can curtain dust cause allergy in children?

The simple answer is YES. Curtain traps dust and dust mites on unwashed curtains are very common cause for allergies. The symptoms of dust allergy include: Itchy eyes Running nose Rashes on skin Coughing, sneezing and wheezing Children in Singapore are vulnerable to allergies More children in Singapore are developing allergic rhinitis. According to Straits […]

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