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Baby-Friendly Detergents: How Important are They?

Photo by Public Domain Pictures from Pexels

Parents, both new and veteran alike, see the arrival of a baby as one of the most beautiful yet also challenging times in their lives. The demands are stressful and numerous yet when completed, fulfilling. Taking the utmost precaution in every step of the way, especially in cleaning is the only option for the delicate little beings to grow strong and healthy. However, some of these precautionary measures are not sometimes followed even by the most well-meant parents. Among these is the non-usage of baby detergents during laundry cleaning.

Why use baby detergents in laundry cleaning?

While many websites say that using baby detergents is not entirely necessary, using them is still highly recommended. Their formulations are with the intention that they would be for newborns. Regular laundry soaps contain irritants that may harm the thin, still-developing epidermis of an infant. Kathy Fray, a well-known New Zealand midwife and maternity consultant, says in a Romper article that the sterile environment of the mother’s womb is a far cry from the germ-infected outside world. Thus, using baby detergents helps ease the baby’s transition, while at the same time protect it from the elements.

So, what does baby detergent consist? According to Dr Amna Husain, a paediatrician, they consist of ingredients that are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and dye-free. Some are even plant-based. This means that baby detergents are free from potential irritants. Examples of these are the intense chemicals in fabric conditioners to make the scents more pronounced.

What can I use for baby’s laundry cleaning?

There are baby detergent brands that are reputed to be effective in doing its job. They are suitable for the environment as well. Seventh Generation is a well-known American brand. Articles in Singapore’s Child, as well as Business Insider Singapore hail different variants of this brand. It is effective in keeping germs and stains out of infant clothing. They are also environmentally-sound according to the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA and is a “certified biobased product”. It means that they are of renewable and sustainable ingredients without the use of fossil fuels in the production process.

But as expected, brands like these may be way out of the budget. If there is no option but to join in baby’s garments along with the rest of the family’s, then Tide Free & Gentle is also available. It packs a punch against stains but is also relatively free from potential skin irritants. Remember to keep your infant’s clothing from heavily soiled adult garments when using this, though. If using a washing machine, utilize the gentlest cycle. Baby clothes tend to be of light materials that may quickly get damaged. Putting it in washer safe laundry bag helps too.

A Final Word…

Keeping your baby healthy is not just a matter of what you can and can’t have them use. What you use on their behalf also makes a difference. Whether or not you use baby detergent can affect your child’s well-being. Being aware of the nuances helps in making your journey with your little one a learning and fulfilling experience. You may not think of it much now, but they will undoubtedly have much impact later. Making the right choices is essential as it will not assure your baby’s health and safety; it also makes you committed to good parenthood.

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