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Differentiating Between Laundry Detergents: Is It Necessary?

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Choosing things can be very overwhelming, especially for those who are just starting to be independent. When you are still in the process of building a new life, one of the crazier parts of it is doing the laundry. Between the mounds of dirty clothing and finding places to dry those that have already washed, there still are other things to wrestle. Trying to find which one is perfect for your washing needs is a bit confusing, especially with all the lexicon involved. To make life easier for you, we at Eazihome made this article to help you make sense of it all and make your laundry washing a breeze.

Regular Detergent

Regular detergents are the ordinary laundry cleaning ones that people usually use when doing their laundry. They usually need lots of water to be able to clean properly and create those iconic bubble mounds. Using too many of this detergent usually do not have drastically damaging consequences, and would instead help a bit more in the cleaning process.

High-Efficiency Detergent

Also known as HE detergents, these are supposed to hold on better to the fabric and do a better job than regular detergents. However, they do not need much water to work with. They are reputedly more effective in the cleaning, as they can cling better on fabrics.

How Do I Know Which One To Use?

Regular detergents are usually for people who like to do hand washing or has washers that are standard top-load. The HE ones are for those that are for washing machines optimized for it, i.e., the newer, far more high-tech ones. While it is safe to say that using regular detergents are far easier to use and cheaper because of its accessibility, HE soaps are more versatile.

When washing, you need to know first if your washer is the standard-type or the HE-type. Some people have a tendency not to check the full specs of their washing machines. This can increase the risk of your washer getting damaged all because you used the wrong kind of soap.

Regular washers can take on the HE detergents if you happen to “accidentally” get one from the supermarket. This is because HE detergents are regular detergents, again, only upgraded to have it use less water than usual. They also don’t produce bubbles, a characteristic that regular soaps have. However, this absence does not have any untoward effects on the machine. It can even clean the clothes a bit better because of its “upgraded” cleaning features, despite being made with the same ingredients as regular ones.

If this is done the other way around, though, it can spell disaster. HE washers dumped with regular detergents have a high risk of damage. This is because of the bubbles produced by that kind of laundry soap. As said, HE washers are made to be used with HE soaps that DO NOT create bubbles. It may cause the machine to overflow or even overheat with the undue stress having to work in between an influx of suds.

Potential Detergent Brands

Of course, an article about detergents would not be complete without a recommendation. The consensus among laundry experts on the internet is that Tide is the most efficient brand when it comes to home laundry cleaning. It is relatively affordable and is available worldwide for willing consumers. They offer a wide range of products, and their HE detergents are among the best. For Singapore residents, you can avail of their products in your nearest Cold Storage store, or go to their website.

As for regular detergents, there are many out there that could do the work. iPrice.sg has some recommendations that you definitely need to check out.

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