How to Clean Dry-Fit Clothes

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels laundry washing dry-fit

A lot of people are utilizing their quarantine and work at home period to do some self-care. Among those activities undertaken by individuals are exercising with home gym equipment (or none at all!) Some, especially older people, do dancing. What’s common among all these people is the clothes they wear. While there are some differences in design, brand, etc., these workout enthusiasts (more often than not) wear dry-fit clothes.

Dry-fit is a type of fabric that has a bit of a satiny feel to it and sometimes has tiny holes. From athletes to people just wanting to sweat their carbs and fats out, dry-fit is well-appreciated and widely utilized.

However, because of all the sweat and grime that it gets, these clothes tend to smell bad. Aside from this, lousy laundry habits can cause these (slightly) expensive items into early demise. As laundry experts, we don’t want people to go about spending money they could’ve used for other things.

Bye-bye Sweat!

Go Easy On Your Detergents

Have you ever tried applying perfume when you were sweaty and smelly, then just ending up smelling like a trash can? The same principle applies when washing dry-fit. Because it is smelly, you don’t want to use overly scented detergent as it will react with all the nasty stuff already on the dry-fit. As much as possible, put in only the amount you need. Bleaching them is a mortal sin as it will cause damage to the fibres of the dry-fit. This rule also applies to fabric softeners. No matter how tempting it can get, never use these two products as it will not contribute anything to the laundry process.

If you can, invest in special detergents that are specifically for athletic goods. Esquire has some recommendations about this. However, if you’re not the ultra gym rat that works out every day or has some troubles in cleaning dry-fit, ordinary detergents are good to go. Just remember to wash your workout gear inside-out.

Tick Off These Things Before Washing…

Cold water? Check. No mixing of laundry made of other fabrics? Check. The washer on the highest mode? Check.

It is essential to follow the above requirements to maintain your dry-fit in working order. As said, heat isn’t good for dry-fit, thus necessitating the cold water. Dry-fit is also a slightly delicate material. It might get damaged when rubbed too much on other fabrics, such as denim. It is best to wash them along other dry-fit clothes to make the entire process economical. Also, since the cleaning agents have to work their way deeply on the fabric, putting your washing machine in the fastest, most agitating mode is a must. When you connect the dots, everything will make sense. *wink*

As said earlier, air drying is the way to go- even during the post-wash.

Got Questions? Ask Us!

Understandably, you may be unsure on how to keep your dry-fit clean and on high maintenance. If you have some reservations, feel free to contact us! Happen to live in Singapore? You can also send your dry-fit on our way! We’ll make sure to keep it clean, while also maintaining its quality.

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