Which Form of Detergent is the Best? Weighing in Liquid and Powder Detergents

(With Some Advice On Pods Too!)

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels liquid and powder detergents

As said in our previous article about detergents, choosing which one is right for you can be quite the challenge. However, if the last time the debate was about regular and HE detergents, this one will be different. As we all know, detergents come in all forms and sizes. Of course, as a good homemaker, you will want to choose which one will be good for both clothes and your preferred format of washing.

Some pros and cons are expected during this process. Some types might not be as good for your machine. Others not responsive to certain types of stains and dirt. Nonetheless, these detergents will not be in the market if they are not deemed adequate by its creators. Without further adieu, here is the complete guide to detergents, compiled by your trusted Singaporean laundry experts!

Liquid Detergents

Liquid detergents are thick, viscous, and usually come in large plastic bottles. They are relatively easy to use, especially when you are using washing machines. They go inside smoothly, making their way to clean the entire bulk of your clothes. Liquid detergents are also responsive, no matter the temperature of the water.

They are also useful in spot cleaning. For tough stains that just won’t go when done with the usual “dump and go” method, you can apply liquid detergent right on the stain (or “pre-treating” as it is called). They are also fantastic when lifting grease stain. It is almost as if they are made for that purpose!

However, there’s a catch. As said, they come in plastic bottles, rendering them unsustainable. It causes the proliferation of plastics, especially in areas where recycling programs are virtually nonexistent. They also tend to leave nasty marks on clothes, especially when they are accidentally overdone. They also tend to clump up in washing machines or leave marks.

Powder Detergents

For those who grew up hand washing their clothes, this one might bring back some memories. That aside, powder detergents are quite versatile. If you live in a home with kids, using this type of detergent may just be the lifesaver. They are very useful in lifting dirt stains (such as mud) that children tend to get stuck on their clothes.

Powder detergent is also “safe” to overdo because they don’t leave distinguishable marks. They are also relatively environmentally safe since they come in cardboard packaging. They also last longer than liquid detergents because they are more shelf-stable. What’s more, they are budget-friendly too.

The downside of this, though, is that powder detergents don’t dissolve easily on cold water. Because of this, they also clump up in washing machines, albeit more quickly than the liquid detergents. Spot treatment can be tricky since making a paste out of the powder, and water can take a bit of time to prepare. Being in powder form, they can get messy and cakes pretty quickly in high-moisture conditions.

But What About Pods?

Ah yes, the infamous internet sensation. A while back, the “Tide Pod Challenge” was quite popular, especially among young Western audiences. While it proved to be as stupid as it is crazy, it also brought Tide Pods into a pop culture notoriety.

So what are pods? Well, they are the trademarked version of pacs, a compact version of liquid detergent. They are very stable because of their small tablet-like forms, and is already pre-measured, lessening the risk of overfilling.

However, it is not at all the perfect kind of detergent. As presented by the Tide Pod Challenge, it is quite hazardous to young kids. It is also relatively expensive compared to the other two detergent types. Yet, if you are the kind of person who has difficulty measuring, or just want convenience and has the extra cash for it, it can be quite a big help to you.

Some Final Thoughts On The Matter…

While it is more convenient for someone only to have one type of product on hand, it pays off to have some backup. It is essential to gauge what kind of stains you usually contend with, so that you will be able to prepare on what type of detergent you should stock up on, then just have a bottle or two of the other detergent types.

It is also likely that you will be utilizing a washing machine for your laundry. As said, no matter the type of detergent, there will always be a tendency for them to clump up. It is then important to conduct periodic cleaning for your machine to stay in tiptop shape and prevent untoward damage. You can check out our article about that here. Nevertheless, it is important to be a responsible homemaker to ensure that you will be able to provide what is best for you and your family.

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