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How to Wash Leggings- Properly!

Photo by Tim Savage from Pexels

Leggings are a woman’s workout staple. And some men, since many sports brands managed to develop leggings that seem to fit the masculine physique.

Unfortunately, leggings also have a tendency to sag, their elastics loosening, and their general appearance becoming less and less prettier than first bought. And now you’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars replacing them!

You might blame the overuse of your leggings. While this may have some contribution in its downgrading, most of the blame can be attributed to how you wash it.

After a gruelling workout, it might be easier for you to dump it inside the washer and call it a day. Maybe the dryer for good measure!

It is now the perfect time to tell you that you have been doing it wrong. And besides, caring for your leggings isn’t rocket science- it’s actually very simple!

The Don’ts

Of course, we start off with all the mistakes you may have been doing when washing your leggings.

The temptation to use the dryer is undeniable. It offers almost instant dryness and perhaps shrink your favourite leggings too.

Well, it is time for you to know that what you’ve been doing results to irreversible damage. Excessive heat may break down the elasticity of your leggings, resulting into the sagginess and loosening of the waistband.

The same goes when you wash them in hot water. Yes, hot water is an effective sterilizer, but it isn’t friendly to your leggings.

Even your detergent may contribute to this damage! If you keep on using ordinary laundry soap, it may result to the fabric of your leggings to break down.

And don’t get me started on your softener use! Contrary to what you think, your leggings are already soft enough.

The silicone that is part of the ingredients in softener blocks down the breathability of the clothing, thus you must not use it.

The Dos

First, wash your leggings after every use. You may not sweat a lot during your yoga sessions, but for the sake of hygiene, do clean it every time you get home from the gym.

Thankfully, you can use your beloved washer for this. Use cold water and detergent that is especially for sports clothes.

Be careful that you do not dump too much of these kind of laundry soap, though. Leggings are quite fussy, and too much soap might cling on it and cause it to be lot less softer.

It is best to wash it by itself (it tends to attract the wayward lint!), but remember to use a laundry bag. You may be using a gentle cycle, but the rough and tumble inside the machine will stretch the clothing so it’s best to be safe.

If you want to handwash your leggings, do it the way you would with silk. Rub the soapy water to make sure the cleaning agent will be able to work effectively.

When drying, do not hang it up by the waistbands and just clip it with clothespin. Drape it on the clothesline, making sure that you don’t stretch or warp the fabric.

But If You Don’t Have the Time…

Working out is the thing these days, but when combined with the exhausting work from home scheme, it can burn you out.

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