How to Care for Your Undies

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Let’s face it: hardly anyone searches on how to take care of their underwear, especially women. For absolutely no reason at all, some women are terrified of Googling stuff. But here we are, telling the world of the virtues of giving panties the power washing it needs.

(You may be giggling right now, but, ain’t that the truth?)

But there is a more significant problem than the no Google rule. Many women (especially busy ones) opt to throw in their panties haphazardly into their washer. Others are sneaky enough (or maybe they forgot to check) to slip their tighty undies in the load that they send of to their trusty laundry shops (we don’t have hard feelings. We understand. It happens sometimes).

But Seriously, Why?

Panties are in constant contact with the most sensitive of a woman’s body. Proper cleaning techniques must then be used to ensure sanitation and comfort.

The outside world may not usually see underwear, but it is essential to care for them like the way anyone would with gowns, furs, and suits. This way, you can also save money while also protecting yourself from infection and discomfort.

So How Do We Clean It?

Panties come in all materials. Some are made of good ol’ cotton, and others are of more delicate (and expensive) fabrics like silk.

The best way is, of course, to hand wash your underwear. This gives you more control, and you could attack the dirtier and grubbier parts of your panties (admit it, that happens).

To start, pour in cold water on a basin and dissolve just enough mild detergent in it. Throughly mix in the soap so that it will not leave residues on your underwear. Soak your underwear for a bit so that the soap will be able to break down the dirt inside.

Once you feel like you have soaked it enough, gently work your way through using the techniques your grandma taught you. Tug, scrub… whatever it was, do it! Just remember to be gentle enough so that the elastic on your panties will not wear out.

(Note: Do NOT tug, scrub or wring panties made of silk, or has ornaments like fur attached to it. It is best to just work your fingers on it like you would with a margherita pizza. )

Wring it gently as you try to get the detergent out of the fibres. When the water runs relatively clear, its time to dry out your panties.

If you have the time, remove the excess water off your underwear by pressing it between white bath towels. Hang it to dry, and let the sun do its work of natural sterilization on your panties.

Sure, But I Don’t Have Time…

Then you can use your washer! Remember to put it in a laundry or lingerie bag before using a gentle cycle and mild detergent.

But never, EVER use a dryer! Again, excessive heat will break down the elastic. Take the time to hang it up on your clothesline to dry your underwear.

The washer method is only for panties with more robust structural integrity like cotton ones or those used for sports and workout. Those with decorations (or again, made of silk) are a no-go for the washer. Yes, you have the laundry bag, but the rough tumble inside the machine may agitate the delicately-made panties.

Remember to give your panties the loving care it needs. It protects your body, and the least you can do for this heroic underwear is take good care of them so that they will last longer. Happy washing!

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