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How to Give TLC to Your Silk Clothes in Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant city. It is full of excellent restaurants, has a fantastic nightlife, and of course, notable for its cosmopolitan populace. It is no surprise that Singaporeans dress to the nines, whether they are out on a date or off to party with friends. During such special occasions, we tend to bust out our best clothing. These tend to be of silk fabrics that we treasure because of their beauty, as well as their astonishingly bank-breaking price tags. In Eazihome Laundry, we want to help you care for your clothes, especially those that need a little extra love. Here then, are some pro-tips on how you can do your home laundry service for your beloved silk clothing.

1.) Never Let Silk Get Crumpled

It is a mortal sin to get silk crumpled. The threads of this fabric are so delicate that once damaged, it becomes irreparable. As much as you can, hang your silk clothing in a way that nothing obstructs it from flowing freely, thus keeping its natural shape. When taking them off, do it as carefully as possible to ensure that no parts are deformed. When you finish using it for the day, hang them up on a clothes hanger to prepare it for either the next party (if it is still unsoiled) or for the next time you’re doing laundry.

2.) Stains are Nothing to Be Afraid Of

Suppose you are in an Italian restaurant, enjoying a date with your special someone. You are having the time of your life, delicately slurping up your pasta when suddenly you felt something was wrong. It turns out that a glop of sauce landed on the silk dress that you bought just for that night. Don’t worry! Immediately place a cloth on top of the stain, being careful not to press it down. Silk is a very absorbent material, and the last thing you want is your fabulous dress having a weird tomato sauce right in front. Be sure to sober up before you get home though, because…

3.) Washing Silk is a Must

Yes, no matter if the sauce is relatively gone. Remember that being human, you are bound to sweat under your clothes, whether you are conscious of doing it or not. Add to that the grime that silk absorbs, whether you’re out strolling down the street or just sitting down in a lounge sofa. Using a washing machine in its gentlest cycle is mostly okay, but remember that it could go a tad bit stronger than you’d want to. Therefore, it much better that you hand wash it. recommends that you soak it in water with some detergent on it before swishing it around the water to help (gently) agitate the cloth. Remember: do not do any actions that might affect the fabric! Do not wring it, nor should you bunch it up while handwashing. It’s not your well-worn cartoon shirt.

4.) Choose the Right Detergent When Doing Your Laundry

Singapore is blessed to be a country where you could buy almost anything. Use this to your advantage when purchasing the perfect detergent for your silk. We recommend that you use those that are specially for delicate fabrics. Check the label if it says that it’s silk-friendly. If it does, then go for it! But caring for your clothes doesn’t have to be at the cost of the environment. Use Bio-Home Delicate Laundry Detergent; you can purchase it at either Fair Price or Cold Storage anytime.

5.) Ironing Silk is Tricky Business

Now we’ve said this before: never let silk get crumpled up. But mortal as you are, you probably will do the opposite. If this happens, though, you can use a clothes iron to straighten it back up. Some do have a “silk mode” option where the temperature of the iron would adjust to accommodate the delicate fabric. However, if your iron doesn’t have that, you can opt to choose the lowest possible heat setting. Martha Stewart recommends that the iron it inside out, and we surely do too. This way, the outside fabric can still look good.

6.) Invest in Moth Balls

Silks are, for the lack of a better word, worm spit. This characteristic makes them full of proteins that attract nasty insects into your wardrobe. Protect your lovely silks from these invasive creatures by hanging some mothballs nearby. Do keep in mind, though, not to let these balls touch the fabric.

7.) When All Fails, Ask For Help from Professional Laundry Services

We know you did your best. But sometimes your best isn’t enough. That’s why you can always turn to your local laundry shop for additional guidance on what to do with your silk. They would be more than willing to help you care for it, especially in helping you choose their services that would be perfect for keeping your silks as beautiful as ever.

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