Reusable Makeup Cotton Pads: Yay or Nay?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels reusable cotton pad cleaning

Among those that are commonly used by beauty enthusiasts are cotton balls/ pads. Being soft and absorbent, they are perfect for applying products evenly all over the face. From toners, moisturizers, and everything else, cotton makes applying easier. However, it is admittedly wasteful. With every usage, these cotton products are thrown out quite liberally. Even I, the author of this article, shamefully admits this. In my defence, I have quite a lot of skincare products!

Recently though, I have become quite interested in reusable beauty implements. I almost always run out of cotton balls in a span or month because of my religious skincare routine. Browsing through my favorite online beauty shop, I stumbled on some reusable cotton pads. Many love it, and some hate it. In the name of science, I have decided to take the plunge and report the results.

It’s Not Cheap… But It’s For the Better

Like most sustainable products, its a bit pricey. This is because natural products are a lot harder to cultivate, harvest, then turn into a final product, rather than synthetic/ mixed synthetic and natural ones. Some sustainable products are also handmade and were intended to support a community or a noble cause. For those that are into supporting socio-environmental movements, a teeny tiny sacrifice is not really something to mind.

Be Prepared to Pour In A Lot

One of the pitfalls of using reusable cotton pads is that they are good at absorbing. Too good, in fact, that it might result in you having to pour in even more of the product you are using than usual. If you are the type of person who likes to put a conservative amount of your beauty products, tough luck. You have to put quite a lot so that you can put some in your face.

Reusing Doesn’t Mean Unlimited Usage

If you are a procrastinator, you will do better to use disposable cotton. Because of their aforementioned extraordinary absorption skills, they can draw in not only the skincare products, but also dirt, oils, and other nasties that live on your skin. For you to combat these unwanted guests, wash them thoroughly in mild detergent and cold water. Make sure you scrub them well and good and rinse well until the water is relatively clear. (Check out this article for more advice on how to take care of cotton!)

If used and maintained well, these reusable cotton pads will last long. Some claim to have used theirs for up to two years. However, for the sake of sanitary purposes, this is not recommended. At maximum, you can use these pads for up to six months, or until they discolor, whichever comes first. When they do, do not hesitate to discontinue use. But remember that you are also buying something that is meant to be good for the environment, and its creators. Reuse that as a cleaner for your gadgets, until it is relatively unusable.

The Final Verdict…

I am an advocate for sustainability. Thus, I highly recommend using these reusable cotton pads. However, proper cleaning methods, as well as knowing when to stop using them on your skin, is essential. Be mindful, though, of the number of products you have to put on them to keep them functional. Other than that, they are excellent products designed to help in the upkeep of our environment while keeping ourselves fresh and looking good.