Growing Up in Circuit Breaker: Teaching Kids Responsibility Amid the Pandemic

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels kids responsibility in circuit breaker

Establishments across Singapore are slowly opening. After the loosening of circuit breaker regulations since June 2, normalcy is starting to return in the country. However, there are still some concerns, especially about children. They would most likely go wild after seeing their friends again. While there is nothing with this, it would most likely be a challenge on how to keep them free from the Coronavirus.

But there shouldn’t be constant panic and worry among parents. Indeed, while the government is implementing strict procedures, the effectivity lies in what individuals make out of it. It is the parents’ responsibility to help their children understand the gravity of the situation. Through this, the children come to terms with why they have to follow the rules.

Do Not Sugarcoat

Let your kids understand what Coronavirus is. Remember that kids are a whole lot smarter and can understand complex ideas. Sit with them and talk over what the virus is, how it spreads, and what they can do about it. Tell them that going near friends is not advisable during these times. Instead, advise them to stand at a meter’s distance when wanting to interact with them. Highlight the importance of wearing facemasks, and the role that face shields have in protecting them.

Let Them Help You Disinfect

You might be the kind of person who is a clean freak. All the better! This will set an example for your kids that cleanliness is essential. When disinfecting, have them do the wipe down while you spray. Their small hands may be a bit sloppy at first, but with your guidance, they will be wiping pros in no time. Make sure though that the rags you make the kids use are clean.

While disinfecting, teach them which surfaces the cleaning chemical can be sprayed. Of course, remind your kids that it’s not for drinking and that if they do, they’ll get poisoned. Be sure to supervise them all the way, until you are sure that they can be trusted with the cleaning.

Bond With Them Over Laundry

These days, you may not be conscious about it, but you may find yourself doing laundry a bit more frequently. One can never be too complacent! If you find your mini-mes annoying back then, take this opportunity to turn them into your helpers. Teach them which ones are the detergent, the fabric softener, and what their purpose is. And to help them feel like they’re helping, let them measure and dump the chemicals in the washer. Just make sure they wouldn’t make too much of a mess!

But what if you prefer to have laundry services do the work? Then it would be advisable to have them help you sort everything. Whatever your sorting method is- by cloth type, fabric colors, or by clothes owned by each member of the family- it’s an excellent start to teach them how to organize. Let them watch you book the pick-up/delivery service. Or, if you prefer to bring the laundry to the laundry shop, bring them along. They may be a bit wild, but they will eventually pick up notes on how you transact. They may be small and can barely reach the counter, but once you can teach them how to do things, you’ll watch them grow into responsible adults. Nobody wants this pandemic, but using this an opportunity for your child’s growth- that makes one a good parent.

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