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How to Wash Winter Coats & Windbreakers [2024 SG Edition]

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Windbreakers are the trend, even among non-outdoorsy people. It is warm, light, and very comfortable.

Some young people even wear it to school, work, or whatever. Not to mention, it is a bit more affordable than it was, say, five years ago.

With varying designs (aside from the traditional plain ones, of course) hitting the shelves, it is no wonder how people of all ages have taken a liking to wear it.

But windbreakers are unlike your ordinary jackets or hoodies. They are not made of typical fabrics, which makes the cleaning process a bit complicated than usual.

However, it does not need to be confusing or intimidating at all! This quick and handy guide will help you be able to keep your beloved windbreaker clean and wearable for a very long time.

Just Some Hold Ups Though…

Generally, it is acceptable just to let windbreakers be, especially if they’re just wet by rain or snow, or something. After all, they are resilient and made to withstand moisture.

The best way to care for not-so-dirty windbreakers is by giving them a nice wipe down after use. Then, hang them to air dry before storing them in your closet.

But not all windbreakers are made to be waterproof. Some are just water repellent and coated with special chemicals.

These chemicals may break down over time, which is why it is essential to observe proper cleaning procedures. That takes us to…

Let’s Get Cleanin’

Doing a windbreaker “deep cleaning” is only recommendable if you accidentally stained your

First, take out your detergent. But remember, since you cannot use certain products, it is best to check on the ingredients of your soap.

Non-chlorinated detergents are best to use as it won’t break down the windbreaker’s coating. Mix the detergent with warm (not hot!) water.

Then, flatten out your windbreaker (no scrunches, it might become permanent when in contact with warm water). Gently dab a fabric on your detergent concoction then apply it to the stain on your jacket.

Make circular motions on the fabric to lift the stain. Be gentle; being too aggressive might damage the fabric.

Leave the solution on your jacket for a few minutes. Repeat this step as necessary until the stain is relatively gone.

Of course, you need to let it go on a washer! Place the windbreaker inside a lingerie bag to keep it from getting messed up while it gets washed.

Set your machine in a gentle cycle. Use the same detergent as before. When done, pat out the excess water to prevent them from seeping in the jacket.

Air-dry the entire thing so that it will be able to let its moisture out. When water is not able to get out of the windbreaker, it results in the nasty-looking bumps that eventually damages the jacket’s structural integrity.

But also, keep your windbreaker away from the dryer! There’s a reason why you’ve been using warm and not hot water.

But What If The Stains Are Hard to Remove?

Say you’ve been injured (hopefully not, do keep safe). Then you accidentally wiped your wound on your windbreaker.

When you got your wound all cleaned up and wrapped, that’s when you noticed the rust-coloured stains on your windbreaker. Cue the horror music.

But you don’t have to freak out! All you need to do is follow the steps above- except that when you are pre-cleaning difficult stains such as blood, substitute the detergent for hydrogen peroxide.

You can then wash it in your washing machine as directed. Happy wind-breaking!

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