How to Remove Dog Fur From Carpets

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels laundry cleaning carpet

Dogs are man’s best friend. This faithful animal is a definite crowd favourite when it comes to pet choosing, and rightly so.

Unlike their feral, more wolf-like ancestors, many dogs today live a pampered life. Some are even treated like babies by their fur parents!

Yet one of the many headaches of having dogs as a pet is their fur sticking on almost every surface. One particular place where they seem to spawn without rhyme or reason is the carpet- a real headache indeed!

But while fur sticking around is pretty much unavoidable, having a dirty and hairy carpet is. Getting every strand of dog hair may sound impossible, but fear not- it can be made easy!

Battle Options- And How to Use Them

Tapes and Rollers

Almost every household has a lint roller (or any of its equivalents). This trusty clothes cleaning tool is tough on nasty dust- and hairs!

Use this tool if the fibres of your carpet are fine enough, and the dog hairs are not clumping. Roll it and voila! Your carpet is as clean as it can get!

But what if rollers are not an option? Well, another tool that is universally found in any home are tapes- scotch and masking tapes!

Simply make a reverse ring with a strip of tape with the sticky side facing out. Get on your knees and do the stick and release method.

This will take time, but it indeed will remove all the dog-made gunk on your carpet!

Rubbers and Vacuums

Oddly enough, many people swear by the power that rubberized household materials have in picking up dog fur. This may be the opposite static energies acting on each other (or something else, we’re not scientists here!).

Whatever caused this, though, it’s your rubber gloves, squeegee, and broom that will aid you in your quest to cleanliness.

For shorthaired carpets, use either rubber gloves or squeegee. Carefully rub them against the carpet, picking up the clumps.

Take note that if you’re using rubber gloves, they must have a substantial grip on them. Meaning, they must have some kind of rough surface so that they would be more effective in removing the furs.

Now, get on your knees and bust out the squeegee or rubber gloves. Run them on the carpet surface the best that you could.

Gather the hairs to the centre of the carpet. Make sure that you cover the entire surface of the latter so that majority, if not all, of the dog hair, will be removed.

Once you are satisfied, bring out your vacuum so that the hairs will be sucked all at once.

If ever your carpet is as hairy as a poodle, then it is time to use the rubber broom. Sweep the entire thing in one direction, making sure that you do not pull on the carpet hairs and damage it all.

Again, like the previous two rubber methods, gather the dog fur on the centre of the carpet. Using your vacuum, remove all the hair, being careful that it will not include the carpet hairs during the dirt sucking.

Wash It All Down!

After removing the dog fur, it is obviously time to wash the carpet for maximum cleaning coverage. Luckily, we already have an article which you can read right now!

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