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How to Hand Wash Laundry Efficiently

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels hand wash laundry

Today’s modern world has spared us from the woes our ancestors had about chores. From cooking to washing, there are machines for every single thing that needs to be done around the home!

Yet we cannot also avoid the fact that there really are clothes and fabrics that cannot be machine washed. It may either be they are too delicate to get tussled, or it isn’t economical to wash just one shirt.

Some people also don’t have the luxury of owning a washer. Owning a decent one can be quite expensive, and its maintenance even more so.

So how will an ordinary busybody be able to hand wash their stuff?

Step 1: Sort out your laundry to hand wash

Just as sorting clothes is essential when using a washing machine, so it does too when handwashing. Delicates and tough fabrics just don’t go together that easy!

Underwear has to be separated. You can opt to wash them along with your handkerchiefs since both are somehow of the same delicate structural integrity.

Things such as satin and silk have to be placed on another pile. They are far too expensive to just throw around though, so you need to follow these steps when washing them.

Shirts, face towels, and other casual clothes can be thrown together. Finally, the heavier stuff such as bath towels, and jeans are fine when grouped the same.

Step 2: Determine how and when you’re going to hand wash (almost) everything in your laundry

The first group (the underwear and handkerchiefs) must be hand washed almost immediately. As much as possible too, you must wash them yourself since they are among the most personal fabrics that you have, them being used in your more sensitive parts.

The same goes for the satin and silk group. However, if they aren’t stained nor dampened during the time you used them, you can hold washing it for a few hours.

The casual fabrics, though, are another story. Depending on what state they’re in, you may need to pre-treat them.

If you are a student or an office worker who wears uniforms almost everyday, it is best to soak them overnight prior to washing them. It will allow all the sweats and bodily fluids to release themselves, considering that they might get trapped between fibres and cause undesirable odours and stains.

In general, though, washing a pile of clothes under this group at least twice a week will do the trick. It will guarantee that you will still have clothes to wear in the very near future.

The heavy fabrics, though, can be quite the work. To avoid straining yourself, you can wash things under this group at least twice a month to prevent yourself from overexhaustion.

Towels and jeans are usually very forgiving, and will easily give up their odours and stains when the washing is done right. Keep in mind though, that their weight may double (or even triple!) when they get damp!

Step 3: Have an ironing schedule

Drying your clothes is pretty straightforward, but straightening clothes isn’t. Ironing them can be quite a pain too!

Having a once a week ironing schedule is ideal, especially when you are not busy. It is also a good arm exercise!

Yet during more stressful periods, it is best to do ironing once every two weeks. The reason? You surely wouldn’t want to wear scrunched up, crumpled clothes!

Step 4: Employ laundry help too!

Balancing work and life can be quite difficult. While handwashing your laundry is unbeatable, there can be times that machine washing is the best way to go.

When the laundry pile gets too high, or there’s no time, it is definitely time to call in your backups. Who, you might ask? Well your local friendly laundry service of course!

They will certainly come in handy especially when your laundry mostly consists of jeans and bath towels. You don’t want to break your back for sure!

If you’re in Singapore, we can certainly help you out! Our laundry pick up and delivery, along with our excellent yet affordable services will surely bring you more convenience.

Indeed, it’s time to say good bye to the preconceived notions of hand washing being the worst chore in the block. With the right combo of manual and automatic help, things can be done in no time at all!