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How to Clean Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

Photo by Kevin Ku from Pexels

As schools, offices, and even shops migrate online, people are exposed to screens longer than the usual. As a result, there has been an increase in visits to eye doctors all over the world as people sought to have their eyes checked and be able to get prescription eyewear. While it may result to people getting their eyes protected from all the bright lights, radiation and what have you, there is still that persistent issue at the back of everybody’s head these days: hygiene. It is one thing to get your eyes checked and fitted with the right gear, and another to make sure what you’re wearing is clean.

However, as eyeglass wearers go, most would simply wipe down their lenses with the requisite microfibre cloth and call it a day (and yes, the writer of this article is very much guilty of that crime). Sometimes, when the laziness just goes to extreme levels, ordinary handkerchief and even shirts became stand-ins for the microfiber- a capital sin indeed! While the latter option is most likely cleaned after use, microfibre cloths, more often than not, lie inside eyeglass cases, collecting all kinds of microbes (again, guilty). And so, in the pursuit of hygiene as well as protecting one’s eyes from both germs and eventual decline eyesight, we must proceed!

But Seriously, What’s Up With these Eyeglass Wipers?

As said, these wipers/ cloth/ cleaner, whatever you want to call it, are made of microfiber. It means that the weave of the fibres are so tightly packed, making it effective in cleaning and absorbing dirt, liquids- literally whatever it touches. If you have a car, you can definitely see this type of cleaning cloth at carwash and car accessory shops. Cars aside, its effectivity in cleaning surfaces makes it the choice for many in cleaning their lenses. Yet the effectivity comes with a cost: the dirt builds up in the cloth itself and instead of cleaning the eyeglasses, it only makes the entire thing dirtier. This might result in eye irritation (at the very least) for the wearer.

So How Do You Clean It?

Of course, the first step is to shake off the excess dirt clinging to the cloth. Hoya, a leading brand of eyeglass lenses, recommends washing the entire affair in cold water. However, warm water is also excellent- as long as you use mild liquid detergent when washing. Powder detergent is a big no-no as it will only get stuck between the weave of the cloth, much like dirt. Gently hand wash it, or when using a washing machine, set it on the gentlest possible cycle. Fabric softeners are also no good as microfibers are already soft enough and might break down if such chemical is used.

Because the cloth is relatively delicate, it is important to only wash it with other microfibre fabrics. Mixing it with other types might result into wear and tear. When drying, airdrying is pretty much the only option. Direct heat might result in shrinkage- a huge problem especially that microfiber eyeglass cleaners are already small enough!

Still Unsure? We Can Help!

Many people still have reservations about how to wash their fabrics. No worries- that feeling is valid! When you are unsure, do give us a ring and we will assist you. Or, if you are in Singapore and want to put your laundry worries out of the way, we can pick up your laundry then deliver it right back! Just remember to tell us that your microfibre eyeglass cleaner is in the bunch so we can sort it from the pile and clean it right! *wink*

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