Laundry Wash & Iron Service

The Difference between Laundry Wash & Dry Clean

Laundry service is quite different from the dry cleaning process. We use water in the laundry process. Our professional staff will inspect the laundry tag on your item and provide the best cleaning method for your clothes. 


Our Laundry Wash Process

  • Inspection & Tagging. Upon collection of your items, our agent will look at the clothes condition to identify tears, discoloration, tough stains that need special care. We then attach tags with the special requirements on it to different items.
  • Pre-treatment. Any items with tough stains and will go through pre-treatment. We want to ensure stains are removed completely after the laundry process.
  • Washing Cycle. We will separate your delicate and special items from general items, hence ensure that small tears will not be bigger and colour condition is preserved
  • Post Inspection. We will pick out items with stains that are not removed. We will put it through multiple dry cleaning cycles to make sure tough stains are completely removed.
  • Finishing Touch. Your items will be pressed and packaged with protective plastic film. Items that require hanging will also be hung in a laundry bag.

Why you should use laundry services in Singapore?

Living in Singapore has its unique perks and downsides. We enjoy the sunshine all year round and at the same time, sweat a lot! Hence, our clothes are advised to be washed every day to be hygienic. Washing clothes, especially for those who work a full-time job, is a huge chore. It simply takes too much time out of our life. The time we can actually spend to be productive, to enjoy with friends or family. Many working adults let us help to free them from mundane chores. Especially when we think about the opportunity cost of doing your own laundry. It makes perfect sense to let the expert handle it for you.


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