How to Wash Bath Towels

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Summer is just right around the corner. Of course, with what is happening to the world right now, vacations are off-limits. Still, with the blistering heat expected to arrive soon, people will most likely find themselves bathing at least twice a day (some others would even go as far as 3 or 4 times a day, but that’s none of our business). While bathing makes us feel clean and refreshed, the truth is far from that. There still are microbes that may make us sick even after we have bathed. The culprit? Why, your bath towel, of course! It is a hotspot of everything nasty that can affect your health. For this, we will be giving you some how-tos on washing your towels properly, and a glimpse of our laundry service offerings in Singapore.

Before Laundry

Sniff It to Believe It

We have said in a previous article that microbes can cause nasty odours in fabrics. This fact is true in bath towels. Bath towels are susceptible to bacteria and viruses because they are always damp and most likely hung in an equally wet place such as the bathroom. To avoid this, hang your towel in a sunny, open-air place where it can dry completely in between uses. In an interview with Reader’s Digest, Dr Phillip Tierno, a professor of pathology and microbiology at the New York University School of Medicine, said that folding your towels when hanging it up will not help you at all. Instead, you need to drape it just once on the clothesline to give it more surface area to dry up.

It’s Not You, It’s Your Washing Machine (maybe)

Now if you’re a diligent homemaker, you might have washed your towels and other fabrics a lot in your washer. But after getting them damp during usage, you might have noticed that they tend to smell bad. Sure, you hang your towels at your backyard every after use, but the otherworldy odours still stuck. It is because of the bacteria buildup in your washer. Since they are also the machines used to clean out towels, clothes, and everything in between, they will also impart their nasty substances on the fabrics. The Spruce has a brilliant article on how to wash and sanitize these devices to make them ready for use anytime.

During Laundry

Prep the Right Gear

A common mistake that people do when washing their towels is using hot water. This method may cause the natural “fluff” of the towels to go away, and the overall fabric to shrink. Detergents must not be overdone to avoid the towels going stiff, while fabric softeners eventually break down the fibres of the cloth. What you should do instead is ready the cold water as it helps the towel retain its shape and size. Detergents must be at the minimum, following manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re in Singapore, detergents such as Tide and Dynamo might be of use to you. However, it would be best if you did so with care. Also use one of the higher settings in your washer (but not too high, you don’t want to bust out the mechanisms inside) to keep the cleaning process at max.

After Laundry

Dry Them Out, Nice and True

Going back to our first tip, dry the towels naturally. You can use the dryer, but it is not optimal as again, it might shrink the towel. The risk is higher as the towel is still damp from its stint in the washer. If you happen to have a lawn or backyard and a clothesline, utilize it. If you live in high-rise places such as condominiums or apartment blocks, maxing out the balcony is a good idea. If regulations don’t allow for it, then have it drip for a bit at your bathroom then take them out as soon as possible to air it at the lighter parts of your flat. After drying, store them in a cool, dry place.

A Few Reminders from Your Laundry Service Professionals…

Wash them as Frequently as Possible

Towel washing must happen once a week, while those with dermal problems such as acne and sensitive skin are to wash their towels after every use. Dr Tierno cited the possibility of left-over bacteria getting into the skin since the pores are open after bathing.

Ask Help from Us!

Laundry services such as us at Eazihome are more than willing to guide those who are still unsure of what they should or should not do. If handwashing is the only option you have, then let us help you! There is no need for you to break your back, trying to wash your towels. Remember, they tend to get heavy when wet. Ease your life by letting the professionals do your work and enjoy the premium laundry services that we offer. If getting your laundry around is difficult, Eazihome has delivery services all over the island of Singapore. Washing should not be hard, and the same goes with your life. Enjoy your summer!

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