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How to Clean Doormats

Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels laundry washing doormat

Doormats (or cheap braided rugs made of scrap cloth if you’re a hardcore Asian) are household staples. Front doors have the ubiquitous “WELCOME” or “HOME SWEET HOME” printed rug. Those outside the bathroom sit eager to absorb the excess water from someone’s bath. They give a sense of comfort and a homey atmosphere by making the place a tad bit colorful than usual.

Despite this, these rugs don’t usually cross someone’s mind. It is almost as if they have become one with the ground. They are kicked around, stepped on with shoes crusted with all kinds of unpleasant things- oh my! In some households, their rugs haven’t been changed for several months, even spanning years. This translates to a higher risk of contracting otherwise preventable diseases, general uncleanliness. To some extent, even embarrassment on the homeowner’s part when someone visits them. Because of this, we at Eazihome decided to give some tips on how to clean your doormats. Take these quarantine months to provide them with the much needed TLC- the laundry washing that they deserve.

Sucker Punch It All Up!

You may be curious about what this means. But it merely means that you should vacuum (sucker) your doormats and beat it with a stick (punch) to remove all the dirt that you could. While this is not the ultimate way to get rid of all the muck, it helps to get rid of the most visible. This activity must occur regularly, at least once a week, when you are cleaning the area around the mat. Beating or shaking the rug can get rid of whatever that has made their home on the material. Vacuuming, however, is more effective.

Laundry Washing the Doormat Like Never Before

One of the most important parts of washing the doormat is knowing what are the materials used in making them. Some doormats have tags on them that specify what is and isn’t good to do to the mat. However, most do not have this. It then pays off to scrutinize the material to determine what is the best laundry technique for them. This website has some brilliant insights on how you should clean different types of mats, especially those with backs made of coir, a type of woven fabric, and of course, rubber. But what if your doormat is made of ordinary cloth? Was it probably made of scraps?

It is optimal that you first soak the carpet for at least 10 minutes (or ideally overnight) in water mixed with detergent. This will allow the chemicals to work their way through and lift the dirt as well as the bacteria. When you are ready to clean the mat, use a nylon brush. Make circular motions all over to agitate the detergent and remove dirt. This may take a long time, depending on how dirty your doormat is. Rinsing and repeating may be necessary to ensure that this is effective. When done, hang it somewhere sunny to let the sun do its natural anti-microbial work on the doormat.

If you want to use your washer, you may do so, provided that the mat will fit. You also need to be sure that the doormat can withstand the toss and turn inside the machine. Generally, doormats are usually resilient, as long as they are not subject to harsh cycles combined with equally strong detergents.

Don’t Be Afraid to Replace

It is recommended that doormats must be used for a maximum of one week before getting vacuumed or beat up. They must also be washed at least on a monthly basis. This ensures that the bacteria and viruses trapped will be minimized. However, if you intend your doormat to last a lifetime, you can’t. It is susceptible to wear and tear and at the maximum, must be replaced annually. If you think that your doormat can still hold up, you can use them for up to two years but no longer. They will become ineffective in catching dirt. Instead of helping you maintain your home, it will only cause additional headache to you and your companions.

Doormats make the first impression people have on your home, and it is essential that they are in a tiptop shape. With or without visitors, having a doormat ensures that you leave out the outside dirt and keep your home and clean and safe place to live in.

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