Disinfecting Packages- The Safer Way

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels laundry and package disinfecting

The current Coronavirus pandemic has taken online shopping into greater heights. Out of necessity to avoid exposure, many people decide instead to opt to buy via the internet. Selling platforms such as Shopee and Lazada experienced a surge of people opting instead to have their necessities, from food to toiletries, directly to their homes.

While indeed such means are safer and a bit less of a hassle, it still brings a different sort of paranoia. Different people handle packages. Sellers, the staff at the package sorting facility, delivery people- all of them have had their hand in handling your stuff. The Cleaveland Clinic, a reputable American health service provider, has provided a comprehensive list on surfaces where the COVID-19 virus might survive and how long they might exist there. Although the chance of you getting ill because of your retail therapy methods is relatively low, the possibility still stands.

With this, we compiled a list of simple home methods you can do when receiving your packages. We also included a bonus at the end when it is YOU who will send out a certain kind of package.

Receiving Packages

On a typical day, people receiving packages might just burst out of their front doors out of excitement. During this new normal, though, this isn’t possible. Precautions have to be taken to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Before receiving, make sure to go out wearing a face mask and a pair of disposable gloves to protect yourself. Rather than directly obtain it from the courier, have them put it in the ground and step away from the package before you get it. Or, if you’re a bit of a cowboy, then why not have them throw it a small distance and catch the parcel (if it does not have fragile electronics or glass, of course).

Bringing In the Packages

Since you bought that thing, of course, you have to bring it with you to your home. Bear in mind, though, to exercise caution. Because it is now in your hands, you are now susceptible to the virus. This is the stage where you should disinfect the parcel. Using a disinfectant and tissues, clean the outside of the wrapper and throw out the tissue. Then being careful to minimize contact with your other things, put it on an easy to clean to surface, like a table. Dispose of your gloves and do what is the necessary method for your mask (washing, throwing, etc.) before proceeding to open the package.

For non-food items, clean off your item (if possible) with a regular disinfectant and tissue. For food items, give them a clean using food-safe chemicals before storing them. Either way, remember to throw out the outer packaging (mainly cardboard) for extra precaution. For packages that are placed inside plastic parcels, you can opt to chuck them on the recycling bin or use them as a trash bag. This way, you can repurpose the entire thing without causing too much damage to the environment. For your security, though, crash out your personal information on the package tags before doing anything else to avoid compromising your identity. Felt-tip pens are particularly useful for this purpose.

Sending Packages

Okay, so what if you’re the one sending? Then, of course, you should follow the steps as mentioned above- but in reverse. Disinfect the items the best you could before wrapping them up. In turn, disinfect the wrapper before turning it over to your courier to be delivered.

But what if you’re sending laundry? Won’t disinfecting equate to doing laundry? That would surely defeat the purpose of having them picked up to be cleaned, won’t it? Well, least you could do is conduct social distancing when turning over your clothes to those picking it up. For us at Eazihome, we assure you that we will be practicing caution when doing our laundry pick-up and delivery service all over Singapore. We want to keep our customers safe and to trust us with their essential belongings. Staying safe and healthy is everybody’s responsibility, and we want to take part in that.

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