Laundry washing flannel is not as delicate as you might think.

How to Wash Flannel Blankets

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Ah, summer. The time of the year, when we all have an excuse to blast the A/C to the maximum. We can finally bask in its cold and comforting glory! The outside world may be sweltering, but keeping ourselves fresh is of optimum importance. Heatstroke is rife during this season, too. It’s best to keep ourselves indoors, especially considering the current events around the world. Health is wealth, indeed!

But sometimes, the cold of the A/C can get crazy. We turn to our good blankets. However, we usually shun thick comforters. Of course, it’s summer. What stupid human would use them? Instead, we use our flannel blankets for this purpose. They are from wool, cotton, or other fibre blends that are cool to the touch. They are also good at keeping us warm too. This website has a wealth of information about flannel and its sub-types. However, these blankets get dirty quickly. Their weave is notorious for being able to trap in the dirt that may cause health problems. We will then give you tips on how to wash flannel laundry and keep your household germ-free this summer season.

Washing Flannel Blankets in Laundry

Using Washers/ Washing Machine

Never wash your flannels in hot water. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. You will risk the shrinkage of your fabric, as well as may cause pilling or fraying. Check this article out for additional information regarding that. When washing with your dryer, use the “normal” water temperature, that is, neither too hot nor too cold. Go easy on your detergents. You need not use heavy-duty ones unless there is a stain you want to get rid. Even then, be careful and only pour in enough detergent. The same goes for your washer speed. Too gentle and you don’t clean it through. Too rough and you’re on a one-way ticket to damaging your precious blanket. Be also reminded not to mix colours as the dyes can “run” to other fabrics in the washer.

Flannel is also notorious for being soft. That said, using fabric softeners can damage the fabric, especially those that are already old. While some websites suggest using vinegar as an alternative, it is also not recommended. This article details how vinegar can end up damaging your washer instead.

Handwashing- Going Manual!

The process is still somewhat similar to machine washing; however, we recommend that you first soak the flannel in detergent for a few hours to overnight. It helps the chemicals work its way through the fabric. After soaking, throw out the water then proceed with washing the flannel blanket as usual. As always, do these process while separating differently coloured fabric from another to prevent differently-coloured dyes from running into other cloth washed along.

As with both washing methods, dry the blanket on sunny and airy areas to effectively get rid of trapped water molecules that may cause musty smells and lead to mould formation. You may also use a dryer if you have one.

Just a Few Reminders…

Be Prepared to Let Go

Flannel, no matter how expensive or well taken care of, will eventually wear out. However, when given adequate TLC, they can last a very long time. No matter what you do, though, it is best to anticipate that your favourite flannel will still say goodbye sooner or later.

Lint Will Be Everywhere

If you washed your flannel on a washer, be aware that it will be shedding- a lot. After washing, do check the inside of the machine and take out the lint. Clearing out your washer will help keep the motor inside work well for longer. The same goes for your dryer.

Calling for Help Never Hurt Anyone

If you happen to have limited space and resources on washing your flannel blanket, you can ask help from laundry cleaning professionals! You can contact your local trustworthy laundry shop for tips, or when it comes to it, doing your laundry for you. Find our contact details here and our services here.

Author’s Note: You can also use this method in washing your other laundry that is also from flannel: shirts, bedsheets, among others.

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