Laundry washing and storing bras must be done on a regular basis.

How to Wash and Care for Your Bras

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A woman’s best friend is her bras. They lift the heavy bodily load on chests and help ladies fit in their clothes well. Although they are mostly underneath layers and layers of clothing, many choose to buy ones that have intricate designs. They can get expensive, but they are a necessity. They’re no Swarovski crystals, but still, they are worth caring.

Unfortunately, they break down quite easily. It is mostly due to wrong washing, maintenance, and storage. Around the internet, you can read stories of women who keep on wearing the same bra for days (or even weeks!) because they don’t feel like it is dirty! There is also that prevalent (and horrifying) practice of folding a bra for easier storage. And don’t let us get started on the wrong laundry washing techniques that people have been practising for decades!

This is why we at Eazihome decided to go full-on keyboard warriors in this crusade for saving this valuable piece of lingerie. Without further ado, let us start this bra cleaning revolution!

Weighing in Bra Washing Methods

Method 1: Handwashing

Without a doubt, this is the best way to wash bras. Why, you might ask? Well, this is because it gives you more control. It is also friendlier to the elastics on the bra. It also doesn’t take that much time. All in all, it is very forgiving and is a tried and tested way to wash lingeries.

To do this, fill a basin with cool water. Hot water is a big no-no as it may deform the bra. It may even break down the elastic of the straps or excessively bend the wires. Pour in just enough mild detergent, and mix thoroughly. When you feel like the detergent has been dissolved and bubbled enough, put in your bras. Feel free to dump in whatever bras you have to wash! Sports, delicate lingerie, ordinary casual ones- all that can be dunked in the cleaning liquid.

Leave it for a few hours so that the detergent can make its way through the fabric. When you feel like it has soaked enough, gently rub your bras to press out the excess dirt. Rinse it out with clean water, still pressing and rubbing to remove excess soap. When the water is relatively clear, give it a last press before air drying it on a drying rack or a hanger.

Method #2: Washer

Going through a washing machine is forgivable (mostly). Like handwashing, you need to use cool water and set the washer on a gentle cycle. Do remember though, to use a lingerie bag to keep the straps from getting whirred around.

Now you might say, well that was easy! Time to put in the dryer- NO! Remember that excessive heat can deform your bra! Air dry your bra, please. No exceptions.

Bra Storage and Care

When your bra has dried out, store it on a shelf. Let the cups be as high as they could. Folding your lingerie can damage the foam within it, and even wrinkle its protective layer of cloth. Take care not to overstretch it, so you will be able to use it for longer. However, bear in mind that your bras are not immortal. You may have to change them as soon as they start being flimsy and their elastic is no longer as firm and stretchy. Most importantly, wash your bra immediately after wearing it. Bodily oils and sweat attach to the bra easily, so do clean it.

Uhh… Do You Wash Bras Though…?

Generally, we don’t (people don’t usually hand over underwear for us to wash). But if you need intervention, it is best to inquire and inform us ahead of time before we could proceed with the operation. There is nothing more satisfying to us than having clean inner and outer clothes, that’s for sure!

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