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How to Keep Yourself Healthy: Lockdown Edition

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Admit it: you have been attending meetings and classes while on your pyjamas. Or literally whatever you can grab from your closet.

And admit this part too: you have been recycling the same clothes over and over again. With the A/C blasting, surely your clothes won’t get smelly and dirty… right?

Think again! Our bodies naturally secrete fluid such as oils and sweat, no matter what environment we are in.

This is why, despite staying indoors for quite a long time, you feel uncomfortable. It’s almost as if like there’s this unknown force trying to make you get up and go to the bath.

Here’s a quick rundown of things you should do to keep you and your home in tip-top condition:

#1: Clean Your Place laundry service singapore

With the doors and windows tightly shut, you’d think that you are exempted from all the dust. Well, tough luck!

Even if you are using A/C, dust can still enter your home. The nooks and crannies, the tiny space between the floor and doors, even the A/C can blow dust all over.

If you are busy (or just a tad bit lazy), make an effort to clean at least once a week. Aside from making sure your area is dust-free, it will also lessen your risk of getting ill from respiratory-related diseases.

#2: Get Some Exercise laundry service singapore

Okay, sure. Your place is small, you can barely move. But it’s not an excuse!

Most lockdown restrictions in the world have eased to allow people to move about. Rather than keep on lying on your bed (and run the risk of pneumonia), get up and put on your gym gear!

You don’t have to be fancy; get a few laps around your bloc and release all the fat and trapped sweat. Grab along your dog and keep healthy.

Remember: just because you feel like you have nothing better to do, it doesn’t mean you can’t use that time to get yourself in shape.

Have some apprehensions on how to wash your workout gear? We got you! Whether it’s neoprene or dry-fit, you can use these guides to help you wash it nicely and well.

#3: Organize Shelves and Cabinets laundry service singapore

So, you have been putting this off for a while. Now that you’ve cleaned your room and cleared your head, it’s time to fix your place!

Believe it or not, organizing your stuff can determine how much dust you will be accumulating in your area. The lesser stuff, the less dust you get.

It might also be good to let go of things that are pretty much useless or have links to bad memories. Getting quarantined may (more or less) shut us off from the outside world, but it also helps us reconnect with ourselves.

#4: Take Daily Baths

Now, this is something that must be a no-brainer, but some people forget to a bath. It sounds disgusting, but many people think that indoors equates to cleanliness!

As we’ve said in the introduction, all kinds of nasty stuff get released by our body. To top that, all the dirt and dust of our homes make their way and stick on our clothes and bodies.

Bathing must then be done at least once a day to wash all of them away. It also keeps the body free from illnesses and skin problems such as rashes.

#5: Change Clothes… At Most Every Two Days

Alright, this one is a universally committed crime. Let’s admit it, holing up in comfy clothes over and over is very comfy!

But they are in constant contact with our bodies. And so, they get to absorb all the nasties that we are hiding.

Just as we need to bathe every day, we need to wash our clothes (no matter how old or ratty it is) as much as possible. Luckily, we have many resources here on the website that can help you!

But say, you are too busy. Classes, meetings, just a complete overload of work!

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