Cleaning rattan bags are essential to keep the wood bags sturdy and beautiful even longer.

How to Clean Rattan Bags

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels cleaning rattan bags

Rattan bags have been the recent craze in the fashion world following the popularity of Southeast Asian tourist hot spots. Bali, in particular, is one of the focal points of the rattan bag trend, with influencers and celebrities sporting these handmade bags in Western countries. Stylish, rustic, and environmentally friendly, they offer a classy touch to any kind of style that its user is aiming. Since rattan wood is known to be quite sturdy, it follows that the accessories made from it are going to last long too.

However, it is not exempted from taking in damage. This may result in the wood breaking or its fabric lining from experiencing wear and tear. It is then needed that a general method has to be done to maintain the rattan bag’s integrity. In this article, you learn how to clean your rattan bag and make it fashionable-looking- as it should!

Pre-Cleaning the Bag

When cleaning (or doing laundry in general) many people tend to forget to take out things that have been lodged in small nooks and crannies. Bags are especially susceptible to such phenomena. Coins, lipsticks, even the wayward cookie- they sometimes get lost here. It is then important to take all these out and clear the bag of every visible dirt. Don’t be afraid to shake your bag! It helps the dirt loosen. Using an old (and dry) brush, lodge out all the tiny particles that are in between the rattan weavings. If you have a handheld vacuum, it will make this job easier for you.

If the straps/ clasps of your rattan bag are removable, then do take it off. But if they’re not, then carefully tie them so that they won’t be an annoyance during the cleaning proper.

Cleaning the Bag

Carefully work inside out with the bag. First, check the cloth lining if there are stubborn dirt or stains stuck on it. If there are, carefully remove the lining (if possible), then hand wash and let dry completely before reinserting. If the lining is completely attached, gently spot clean the area until the stain is gone.

Now, it is time for the main event: cleaning the rattan itself. To protect the natural wood of the rattan, chemicals will be used at the minimum. Start cleaning by dipping a white cloth on cold water and applying it on the back/ dirtier side of the bag. Note that the “back” of the bag is the side without/ minimal designs and the one that touches surfaces such as tables more frequently. Slowly clean the backside by making circular motions, being careful to reach every single nook and cranny. Repeat this step twice to make it more effective. Just be careful not to drip water on the lining below by soaking your cloth too much. Repeat for the other side then wipe it down dry to prevent the rattan wood from rotting due to moisture.

Side Notes

Some rattan bags have leather straps. While they add a nice touch to the bag, they are also quite delicate to maintain. Once you are done cleaning the wood, its time to contest with the leather. Fortunately, we can help you with that! Check this article out for more info- just don’t forget to give it the same level of care as you would with the main body of the bag.

Of course, store your bag in a cool, dry place. Remember that you are dealing with a natural thing here, and so, proper care must be observed. Nothing beats a simple, classy, and sustainable accessory, and well-maintained rattan bags are the ultimate go-to for that look.

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Author’s Note: Much credit is due to Everina and The Spruce for their articles on cleaning and maintaining bags made of natural materials. Do check their websites out!

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