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How to Clean Over-Ear Headphones

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Headphones are quite fashionable these days. This is not because it is considered trendy, but because the online setting of schools and offices demanded it.

Because of long work and school hours, people have their headphones for hours on end. It gets tiring, but it is also necessary to be able to participate in activities.

Yet as time goes on, headphones are starting to smell funny. Some even joke that they smell sour, almost vinegary!

This annoyingly funny smell can be attributed to dirt, sweat, and oils accumulating on the headphone surface. When left unchecked, not only will they make things smelly, but worse, affect the electronics inside!

For those who truly take the time to go to the gym or go outside for a run, dirty headphones from body secretions are the least of all problems.

With CoVid-19 all over the place, disease-causing bacteria are also prone to stick to surfaces, especially plastic. For more details, you can check out this article.

But all those aside, it is essential to clean headphones for both hygiene and safety. Now it’s time to get into it!

The Materials laundry cleaning service

Because we are dealing with electronics here, moisture must be at the minimum. Yet because water is also necessary when cleaning, having wet wipes and rubbing alcohol is essential.

Paper towels and the ever-ubiquitous microfibre towel are also important. Along with Q-tips (aka cotton buds), they are your best friends when cleaning your ever-beloved headphones.

The Methodology

When cleaning your headphones, it is best to stretch the headband to the max. Removing the ear foam pads (if possible) is also advisable, as well as stretching the microphone as far as it can go.

Start by wiping down the plastic or metal parts of your headphones. Use wipes or cloth dabbed in some water or alcohol to give the outer side of the headphones a good cleaning.

Pay more attention to the buttons and volume controls. Since you touch them a lot, they must be cleaned thoroughly.

When cleaning these dials and controls, it is best to use Q-tips and rubbing alcohol since they are more effective in picking up dirt from nooks and crannies.

Headphones have mesh coverings over the mechanism where the audio comes out, or for those with microphone attachments, their audio input. Obviously, getting it too damp is ill-advised.

Thus, when cleaning the mesh, dip the Q-tip in your chosen cleaning liquid and gently graze it over the covering. Be careful though, as wayward fibres or liquids may find their way on the electronics.

If your headphones are wired, it is also advisable to wipe down the cable with the wipes. As for the jack itself, no damp or wet stuff must go near it; it is best to wipe it down with a dry paper towel or fabric only to protect the sensitive electronics within.

For the leather parts of the headphones (if there are), it is best to check out this guide for guidance. As for rubber parts (which are more common), giving them a good rub down with dry microfibre cloth is frankly, the best way to clean them without making it smell nasty.

To prevent electrocution, giving the entire gadget a good drying. Air drying, along with dry cloth or tissue paper is the way to go to protect the electronics from damage.

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