Laundry cleaning corduroy is a challenge. There's stains, dirt and general appearance to think about!

How to Clean Corduroy

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Corduroy is one of those “comfy” clothes. Velvety in texture and warm to wear on cold days, it is not a surprise why many love wearing and having objects such as pillowcases made of this material. It is also flexible; it can be someone’s pants or an essential piece de resistance such as a blazer that is sure to turn heads during a crucial business meeting. With its distinctive ribbed design, it is a favourite among those wanting to look good without having to worry about whether they will be kept warm. Corduroy may especially start to have its annual comeback, considering that the cold season is beginning to roll in- at the Northern Hemisphere at least!

But this wonderful cloth can also be quite delicate. It is susceptible to lint, can sometimes smell, and has a tendency to discolour. This discourages many from using corduroy and prompts them to choose other fabrics instead. While there is nothing wrong from choosing an alternative, it also says a lot about how a piece of clothing can be perceived as “difficult” and may lead to perceptions that it’s a rich people thing only. In this article, we are going to help you find ways into turning corduroy into your very own- without the hassle or fear!

The Three Stages

Pre-treating Stains

Now, being human, we are all susceptible to making mistakes. Some of these mistakes include accidentally staining our clothes with coffee, getting them in contact with makeup, and of course, the ever unavoidable dirt and dust accumulation. When this happens on your corduroy pieces, take the time to spot-treat them. Corduroy is surprisingly resilient; you can use regular detergent or even heavy-duty ones, considering that the fabric itself can get quite heavy.

Wash it Down!

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually clean corduroy in water. Well, most corduroy pieces at least. The rule of thumb in corduroy cleaning is that dark coloured pieces must be washed in cold water, while those with lighter shades must go in a warm wash. Hot is never advisable as it will cause shrinkage in the fabric. Before plunging your corduroys in the water though, button or zip them up before turning inside out. This will help the fabric retain its shape, while also preventing lint from developing in its outer surface. Gentle cycle is the only way to go to avoid being too aggressive and eventually damaging the cloth. And, as said earlier, typical detergents will do the job. No need to get too fancy!

Hang ’em Up!

Tumble drying corduroys is an effective way of removing wrinkles on the cloth. Do so in medium heat for 10 minutes. You don’t have to fully dry it; while it is still a bit damp, hang it to dry to further prevent wrinkles from developing. Corduroy doesn’t need to be ironed, too! Hanging them the right way is enough to keep them straight and ready to wear whenever you need to.

The Way to Maintain

Corduroys can be a bit fickle, especially when trying to maintain its pristine and crisp look. It LOVES lint so much, your roller will be far gone before you can even remove all of those stubborn little things on your clothes. To prevent this, brush down the outside of the corduroy (also called napping in one direction to maintain its appearance. If ever lint would still show up, use a lint roller to remove them. Roll it on one direction to pick them up.

Want to Dry Clean?

More expensive corduroy pieces such as blazers are recommended to be dry-cleaned, rather than machine-washed. If you’re interested in doing just that, we have an article that can guide you through the entire process! Just make sure to take extra precaution to prevent any untoward accidents and damage your corduroys even further.

Unsure What To Do? Let Us Help You!

We understand that you have some apprehensions in doing this entire thing alone. It can be nerve-wracking, especially that the pieces involved are delicate and can be quite pricey. If you’re around Singapore, we can do the work for you! We do pick-up and delivery all around the island, and our prices are competitive too.

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