Laundry cleaning bedroom slippers is essential to maintain foot hygiene.

How to Clean (Bed)Room Slippers

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Slippers are these fuzzy little things that make our toes feel warm and comfy during cold nights. Now that it is the rainy/ autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere, and the start of spring in the South, people in the former are shivering while those in the latter are blasting their A/Cs to the max. With this, room slippers are indispensable. They make getting up to the bathroom in the middle of the night survivable. No one wants to be shocked into waking up by the cold floor, for sure!

But due to overuse, these slippers may eventually get some wear and tear. Sometimes overlooked, it may not even get cleaned under the assumption that it won’t get dirty since it is used indoors. But as common sense has it, no surface is truly clean. For this purpose, we are going to learn today how to clean these fuzzy things!

Just a Little Note…

Room slippers come in all shapes, sizes and materials. This article is for the general, and more conventional room slippers that can be bought in stores. Those made of suede and leather must NOT be used with the method below. While some bathroom slippers may be washed in the washing machine, it wouldn’t be as recommended. Considering that it is footwear, it wouldn’t be as practical to clean them along with apparel. For this purpose, the cleaning advice here is for handwashing the slippers.

Now Let’s Get Cleaning!

The first step is, of course, identifying which spots need a bit more attention than usual. These are usually the soles and the tops since they get most of the dirt. Start by cleaning the soles with a damp cloth, changing sides and wiping down all the dirt and grime that has accumulated in the surface. After, do spot cleaning on parts that have dirt or stains on it. It is recommended that you use your fingers, as some bedroom slippers have fuzz on them that might be damaged should you use a brush or a towel.

This next step will then be up to you. You can either soak the slippers in water mixed with a strong cleaning detergent. Let the soap work its way through for about half an hour before squeezing the soap out of the slipper. You can also choose to apply the soap on the surface using your fingers without having to touch the inside. This second option is for those who do not want to wet the entirety of the slipper as it may make the slipper smell bad when done incorrectly. When doing this, it is advisable to stuff papers inside the slipper to prevent water in seeping in. Newspapers are not recommendable as the ink might stain the slippers and pose even more problems than what you have started.

Rinsing the slipper is also relatively same as the option used to clean it. Make sure that the water runs clear before drying it off with towels to get rid of the excess water. As with most footwear, airdrying is the only option to fully get rid of the liquids inside, as well as prevent it from becoming nasty smelling. Stuffing it with paper also helps in preserving the slippers’ shape, and as said before, absorb the water inside it. Remember to change it from time to time whenever you notice that the paper is already too damp. Fluff the fuzzy parts also to have it regain its shape. When you feel that it is already dry, feel free to sprinkle some baking soda inside and letting it sit inside for about an hour and absorb the odours. Your feet will indeed thank you for this!

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