Work from home and laundry: two phrases that can stress anybody!

How to Budget Clothes for Work From Home Meetings

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The norms that we’ve always known has been turned upside down by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While some offices now allow a rotation of employees to work on-site, many still remain in the relative comfort of their homes.

Part of this “new norm” are Zoom meetings, encrypted chatrooms, and work that needs to be submitted on time. While chatrooms and ordinary desk work can be done while wearing pyjamas, meetings definitely cannot be conducted with a messy appearance.

This may be bad news for people who have so many things to do around their home and in front of their PCs. Who even wants to launder a once-used shirt that was worn for less than an hour in an airconditioned room?

So the question is: how can someone resolve this and reduce the laundry stress? Here are some tips that you can use to strategize your meeting OOTDs:

#1: Wear Light Fabrics

In this context, “light fabrics” doesn’t just mean those that are airy to touch. It can also mean those that are easy to wash and would easily dry off.

Choose fabrics such as cotton and polyester as they would keep your body cool during the entirety of your meetings. They don’t get too heavy hand washed, and can be either sun- or air-dried.

#2: Keep Your Area Cool

Sweating can be a bit of a hassle during meetings. This can’t even get truer during virtual meetings!

If you have an air conditioner or electric fan, keep them close to your work space to keep your area well-ventilated. It will help you focus- and keep you from sweating and therefore messing up your clothes.

When you manage to avoid sweating, you can air out whatever you were wearing and air it out. You can wear it for another meeting (3-4 days after you first wear it!) before finally washing it off.

If you are worried about being noticed by your co-workers and bosses as a repeat outfit wearer, don’t. No one will notice, especially if you wear clothes that are of neutral or earth tones (e.g. white, black, beige, etc.).

#3: You Don’t Need To Wear Formal Lower Wear

Many people wear slacks or pencil skirts during virtual meetings out of habit. Spoiler alert: you don’t have to!

Many meetings are done with participants simply sitting in front of their PCs. Take advantage of this by wearing comfy lower clothing to help you relax especially during tense moments.

Aside from the comfort this will provide you, it is also very economical. You don’t have to worry with additional laundry because you can wear whatever is on you at the time.

#4: Have a Laundry Schedule (Yes, even if you are doing work from home!)

Yes, you can recycle clothes, but heaven forbid if you become too complacent and just keep on repeating without washing!

Hygiene is very important, no matter if you haven’t sweat all over your fabrics. Wash your “work” clothes as soon as you can so that you won’t run out of light things to wear during your meetings.

But what if you no longer have the time? What if the meetings just won’t stop from happening?

Well, call in your local laundry professionals for help! If you are in Singapore, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can arrange pick up and delivery for your clothes!

While you are in your meeting, we will do the washing. Isn’t that amazing?

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