Dry cleaning berets are the only way to clean it properly. Bonus points if you live in Singapore!

Caring and Cleaning for Your Beret a la Française

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Ooh, la la! Berets are emblematic of French haute couture. It means class and elegance, something that it adds to any clothing ensemble. From military personnel to local fashion influencers, berets never get old. But while they are such a vital accessory, they can be quite a struggle to clean and maintain. While they are undoubtedly as ubiquitous as, say, white t-shirts, they are delicate. When damage has been done on them, there’s no way to reverse it. And so, it is essential to take the necessary precautions while also doing the required methodology.

Just A Few Reminders, Though…

Berets are usually made of felt fabrics. This means that they are non-submersible in water, and if you do, well it can only mean one thing: horreur. This is because the weave of the fabric does not allow for excessive moisture and would instead break it.

The methodology in this article is also applicable to hats made of velvet and other delicate materials. There might be slight variations, but the general outline is pretty much the same.

Pre-Cleaning/ Maintenance Procedures

One of the nastier parts of owning a beret is the lint. It can affect how your hat looks like, and eventually, the structural integrity of the entire thing. Using a felt hat brush (or any brush that has medium to stiff bristles), carefully brush away all the dirt and dust that has made its way on your beret. You can also use a lint roller to pick up all the nasty balls of cloth. Remember to do this carefully, brushing and rolling in one direction only so you will not disturb the fabric weave even further.


No doubt this is the hardest part. As said, water is not advisable. Many people would stop at the brushing and lint rolling, but if you feel like your hat is starting to have a grime and dirt buildup (especially if you wear your beret quite regularly), it is best to dry clean the entire thing. Dry cleaning doesn’t use water but instead uses solvents that will clean your hat using heat and a machine comparable to the washers that you have at home.

If you are interested in doing it yourself, we have the perfect article for you! In it, you will find some useful tips and recommendations in dry cleaning anything. But what if your beret has some nasty stains? Maybe some grease after accidentally taking off your hat when you haven’t even washed your hands after eating French fries? (True story.) Then it is best to call for the professionals! For those of you living in Singapore, you are in luck! Eazihome has a delivery and pick up service all around the island, ensuring that you can have your favourite pieces cleaned up without the fear of losing or forgetting anything. Check out this article on how we do our dry cleaning if you need a bit more assurance.

And When Storing Them, Take Care Too!

As with most delicate items, they have to be stored in a cool, dry place. It would be best if you have a dedicated hatbox so that pests will not make their way to your beret. Use mothballs if you have to- don’t make them touch your beret or else it’s going to end up nastily.

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