Eazihome gets recognized by Best in Singapore!

Best in Singapore Hails Eazihome’s Dry Cleaning Services

We’ve always insisted on the quality of our work. As an avid reader would know from our blogs, we highlighted affordability along with an efficient service.

So imagine our surprise when we got word that we were featured as one of Singapore’s best! Along with other laundry services located all over the peninsula, we made it among the top choices that Singaporeans have for their laundry needs.

But what is in Eazihome that made it worthy of this recognition? Let’s have a look:

According to Best in Singapore’s March 6, 2020 article, Eazihome is one of Singapore’s most affordable laundry and dry cleaning shops. For those well-versed in the country’s notorious bank-breaking reputation, this may come as a surprise.

However, Eazihome is committed to ensuring that everyone can afford a quality, stress-free laundry experience. No matter who you are and what you do, laundry doesn’t have to be hard for you!

Another highlight that Best in Singapore emphasized is Eazihome’s wide range of services. While this may not be as important to some people, some need this wide diversity to meet all their needs.

For example, you may have a suit that needs some dry cleaning. But then you remember that your blankets need to get some power washing too.

On top of that, you have curtains that need to get thrown into the laundry! You would typically have to go through the trouble of going to three different laundry shops for that, but Eazihome saves you from all that!

We do all kinds of laundry services, whether it may be your stinky gym socks, your silk saree, or even a very thick comforter. Eazihome is a one-stop-shop, if you will!

But of course, you might be concerned whether we would be able to take care of your clothes. After all, that’s a whole lot of cleaning to do!

Yet we can assure you that we won’t lose any of your precious fabrics! The reviews that Best in Singapore posted and those here on our website can assure you of the attention to detail that we emphasize in each of our work.

Finally, Best in Singapore gave extra attention to our delivery and pick up service. This, of course, is our shop highlight.

While this is not a new concept, we put a premium on this service. For example, a review posted by Best in Singapore showed an example of how we conduct it:

“Engaged them for home curtain cleaning and delivery, reasonably priced and hassle-free, can visit home after working hours too. Highly recommended for home owners who are looking to have their curtains cleaned for festive season!”

In short, we adjust to you and your needs! All of us are committed to one thing: to put the easy in Eazihome to practice!

With two locations across the island, you can are sure to be near to our quality laundry services. After all, we wouldn’t be among Singapore’s best laundry and dry cleaning shops if we don’t aim to reach the people we wish could experience how we do things!

Again, Eazihome is grateful to Best in Singapore for this amazing recognition. This truly helps us in keeping us motivated to maintain the consistency of our quality service!

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