Laundry and other chores needs motivation to be done.

5 Ways to Convince Yourself to Do Your Chores (Especially Laundry!)

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Alright let’s face it: doing chores is boring, tiring, and an overall unpleasant experience. And really though, what’s with all the dirt and mess coming back right after you cleaned them?

But without chores, our homes and lives will be a complete mess. One way to put chores is looking at it as a necessary evil.

Yet still, bringing ourselves to do all the tasks is the hard part. Finding ways to find the right motivation is then the goal.

So how do we exactly do that? Here’s a rundown of 5 ways you can make yourself do your chores:

1. List down 2-3 chores you can possibly do in a day

A day has 24 hours, and its tempting to think that you can bulldoze everything. But there is this certain truth that everyone refuses to acknowledge: procrastination can really take its toll on everyone!

The two things that you shouldn’t skip is cooking and washing the dishes. No matter if you always do food delivery, there will always be utensils to wash; you don’t want to smell stale or rotten food anytime!

As for the other chores, you can choose from the things that needs some work. For example, if you see that you have a growing pile of laundry, you can choose to do that as your chore of the day.

Maybe you see that the floor is getting dirtier everyday. You can opt to sweep or vacuum your area to keep it clean and tidy.

But the main idea remains: plan out what you think are the most essential to be done for the day. Do not force yourself to do things all at once; take things slowly and you will thank yourself.

2. Stay away from your gadgets

Let’s be honest with ourselves: we are on our phones in an almost 24/7 basis. Even 10 minutes off the phone can cause us to freak out!

Yet in order for you to focus more closely with your work, you need to stay away from this distractor. The best way is if course to turn off your gadget.

If such action is not possible, then it is better to put your phone in a silent or do not dusturb mode. This way, you can still receive calls and messages without getting bothered or tempted ever 5 minutes or so.

3. Prepare your implements beforehand laundry and chores

It’s a tried and tested formula to prepare all things before facing a challenge head on. Preparing your chores paraphernalia isn’t any different!

On the night before your your big chores battle, make sure to lay out all the things that you think will help you with your work. Be sure to only bring out the essentials!

When the time for your mission comes, you will feel more motivated to do your duty because of the preparations you already made.

4. Do not do tasks simultaneously laundry and chores

As said, knowing how to focus and direct one’s attention is essential in keeping on track with chores. Yet the temptation of multitasking is for real!

Except when a chore is mechanized (e.g., using a washer for laundry), never, EVER do too many things at the same time. Who knows what disaster you wl cause with such a busy mind?

5. Know when to ask help (Especially when doing laundry!)

Of course, some chores can be way too heavy for the ordinary person. So when the going gets tough, the wise ones get going!

Don’t be afraid to ask assistance from others who know exactly what to do. This way, you will know effective and efficient ways to do your work.

If you need laundry assistance, you can contact us here. Or if you’re in Singapore, we can always offer you peace of mind with our pick up and delivery services.

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